Max Pallangyo

Max Pallangyo graduated from the Kanga Secondary School in 2001 and is fluent in Kiswahili, English, Spanish and Kimeru. While completing Mount Meru Professional (Safari) Guide School, he volunteered in the Maria Scopes Clinic program for AIDS/HIV prevention. After receiving his Guide Certificate Max worked for several years in the field and also worked part-time to oversee the building of Shikabania. He worked to register Shikabania with the Tanzanian government, planned and oversaw the construction of all of the buildings and a 50,000-gallon water tank, among many other accomplishments. Step by step he became a principal figure in the school and has now become the full time Head Administrator. He owns a small farm that provides the school with organic milk, meat and vegetables. He is happy to report, “Shikabania is my life.”