Our Funding Needs

Costs for a full school year, January through December

Teacher/Staff $40,000
Porridge/Lunch $15,000
Books/Supplies $ 10,000

Total Operating Expenses $65,000 – $300 per student


Wishful future plans include the following with approximate costs:

●  Land purchase $4,000

●  Dining/assembly hall $4,000 materials & $3,000 labor

●  Keyboard and teacher salary for music program $1,000

●  Book purchases to augment the library $500


Your much appreciated gift can be designated for any special project you desire.


Our Benefactors


Juliette Reilly, Kirk and Peggy Davenport, Elizabeth Parmly Weber, Marion Rockefeller Weber

$10,000 - $50,000

Dale Clark, Helen Reilly, Gretchen Batra, Mark and Becky Costello, Joe and Caroline Sherer, Anita’s Dream Group / Bishop Thomas, Sam and Elise Sherer, Brian and Katrina Sherer

$5,000 - $10,000

Warren and Amy Weber, Trudy Schoenfeldt, Paul Sherer, Flemming and Marian Duke, Penna Omega, Robert and Nessa Mellet, Charlyn Canada

$1,000 - $5,000

Margot Mead / Branson, Carla and Patrick Carsten, Connie and Richard Lompa, Glenn Shaw, Juliette and Will Ganschow, Philip Susann, Bill Reilly, Jennifer Matthews, Marci Burkhead, Sandy Watson, Rita Olin, Eloise and Ed Whitelaw, Art O’Sullivan, Elizabeth Landis, Joyce and Gary Weddel, Tom and Anne Weber, Robin Ritter, Robin Bahr, Aryeh and Kay Levenson, Isabel Smiles and Ed Hoppe, Judith Lazarus, Patricia Colbert, Yvonne Choate, Jerry and Dana Avis, John and Tracy Novick, Robyn Sinclair, Sam White, Anonymous, Bill Davenport, Mary Kay O’Neil, Matthias Bosse, Rachel Weber

$20 - $1,000

Donna and Brian Gordon, Shelley Callaghan, Kitty Sherer, Maya Brachmann, Joan and Glenn Carpenter, Ted Hoskinson, Craig Love, James and Laurie Hyman, John Burns, Kate Mendlicott, Lori Howard, Louis Fenn, Robert and Mary Amesbury, Courtney Boscoe, Dee Mulvihill, Diane Withelm, Elise Heuser, Karen Walk, Annie Sherer, Jake Sherer, Andrew and Tina Cypiot, Christopher and Alice Marlowe, Lori Coopersmith, Mabel and Pete Gerquist, Paolo Maggienga, Shannon Coulter, Juliette Amoroso, Charlotte, Mark Mention, Samuel Ware, Suzanne Brooks, Amy Matthews, Eileen Hayes, Eleanor Nicholson, Elisa Smith, Greg Wolfe, Gregory and Catherine Steele, Jane Latimer, Jeanne and Mike Hinojosa, John Thornton, Kate Kelleher, Lis and Mike Fuchs, Noel Nelson, Sandra Miller, Amazon Smile, Julia Caldwell, Jeff and Sarah Westmount, June Brown, Chris Scott, Drew Pearce, Hala and David Lawerence, Kevin and Claudia Kenny, Marita Daly, Michelle O’Neal, Scott Olumnd, Helen Ford, James Olmstead, Jaron Elipoulos, Karen Romanko, Karl Karlsch, Randy Ford, Robin and Phil Sanderson, Svetlana Kolesnikov, Emily Wangenheim, Jackie Baker, Tom Nichols, Annabelle Lenderink, Lucy Gray & David Thomson, Marilee Olin, Mary Sutter, Lydia Gaytan